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Our line-up in 2022 is.... 



For almost 50 years, the Surrey Pumas have been roaming the Surrey Hills. The band has played at just about every bar, club, festival and pub in the area, as well as innumerable community and charity events, and numerous private events, functions and parties.


With a massive repertoire, the band focuses on great music from the 60s and the 70s – for example, Eagles and Tom Petty on one hand, and the Beatles, Stones and Who on the other. Not to mention more obscure tracks, original songs, some crafty blues and jazz and some singalong favourites.  The aim of the band is to entertain whatever audience they face, not themselves!



The Ribs (today’s special!) is served with chunky rock riffage, a hot rhythm sauce, and a melody of harmonious vocals washed down with subtle but complex originality. Did you know, The Ribs are named after X-Ray Ribs Recordings?


During the Cold War, the Soviet Union restricted the types of music allowed to be listened to. Enterprising Soviet bootleggers used x-ray films, still containing images of rib cages and skulls, and recorded forbidden music from the west on them, like

rock & roll. They called it ribs music or “Rock on Ribs”



The Bilberries give pop and rock favourites a folky feel, arranging popular songs for acoustic guitar, violin and two singers.   From Guns ‘n’ Roses to Simon and Garfunkel, from Thin Lizzy to James, the common thread is their own unique style.  This is a band that enjoys playing with music and will take you along for the ride!


The three band members, Bex, Max and Patrick, all met in the village of Coldharbour in the Surrey Hills and have been playing together since 2015.  They bring a mix of musical heritages, which they have combined to form their distinctive sound.



TRIBE are an up and coming British band blending alternative pop with rock and soulful RnB. Think Bastille meets early days Coldplay and you’ll start to get a feel for this amazing new band. The band is made up of Luca-Mo’s soulful vocals and innovative keys, Alfie Reeves soaring guitar and Luca Crosta’s distinctive raspy vocals and defining drums. The lads have been playing together since they were 13 and gigging as TRIBE since 2020 playing music venues, festivals and pubs. Inspired by the outdoors you may also spot them writing new music in the Welsh Mountains, Scottish Highlands & Lake District. You’ll want to keep an eye out for their debut album coming out later this year.



Coalition 44.1 is an acoustic musical project which started in 2020 and which comprises the combined talents of three Surrey-based songwriters. Vic Cracknell is very well-known on the Surrey and Hampshire live music scene and is an award-winning performer, musician, singer-songwriter and host of a range of open-mic events. Francis Greene is a prolific songwriter who plays keyboards and guitar and has released several albums, the most recent of which is called ‘Elemental’. Neil Wells has been songwriting and playing guitar since the early 1970s with original songs performed both solo and in various bands. His latest solo album is entitled ‘Live For Today’



With shared punk and mod influences as a starting point their songs are full of characters, big theme politics, melancholic reflections, lyrics to make you think and hooks to stick in your head. Following lockdown delays the band have quickly caught up with writing, recording and playing gigs. Descriptions of the band include “their stage performances are winning over gig goers”, “Pop Punk Modernists”, “fabulously eclectic mix of edgy original songs”, “Great set, all original with hooky songs”, and “Quirky punky dudes”. Two releases “Do I look Ill?” and “You’re not Listening”, have been well received and played on local and internet radio stations and numerous playlists.



Drawn together by a love of The Jam.  They capture the spirit and passion of the Jam as a live band.  Close your eyes because you won’t believe your ears.



Local DJ Matthew Dunning from Peaslake, Guildford is an original disco soul boy and jazz funker. It’s been a lifelong passion from the late 70s to present times.


Playing off his top-quality sound systems at private parties locally to nightclub venues internationally, London and home counties.


Back in the day having run his own record labels and making music as an artist under the name of Capriccio and Subtech music has had music signed to major dance label Defected Records. Getting a club chart number one hit and national UK chart success.


He will be back again playing a more alternative set of deeper disco, jazz funk and boogie.

BA Time 2 Party B+W.jpg


Blind Alley are truly a local band, with six members living in the Surrey Hills. They will be playing hits from the 60s to the present day guaranteed to get everyone up and dancing.

The festival is the highlight of a busy year playing parties, weddings and festivals for this group of friends who like nothing more than to see the crowd up, dancing and having a great time.



The Bolders are a rock-inspired duo formed by

brothers Harry (15) and Louis Goff (11). They

write all their own original music on drums and

guitar, radiating a classic rock ‘n’ roll sound. The

Bolders have been playing live since 2019. Their

first live performance was The International Youth

Arts Festival, Kingston, where they were named

‘Best of The Fest Music’. The Bolders went onto

play OXJAM Windsor, Carshalton Environmental

Fair, High Tide Festival Twickenham and other

local gigs. This year The Bolders are excited to

be involved in Ripley Rocks, The Albury Music

Festival and Fuse International. They love music,

performing live and promise lots of energy on

stage, along with some new tracks!

Katy Hurt - Revved Up promo 1.jpg


A Surrey based 5 piece, performing popular acoustic folk rock and ballads from the era of Woodstock, flared jeans, the long haired bank clerk and British Leyland.

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